Documents » About Updated: 2023/02/03

Age of Empires II Archive was developed in 2017 and has been online for 5 years.

It is initially developed to collect classic aoe1.0a and aoe1.0c records. But that is not mandatory, everyone and every type of aoe records are welcome. Many chinese retro players uses this site to save&share their game memories.

AoE2 Archive used elo ratings algorithm to calculating ratings for players in records.

The first version of aoe2 archive was built with PHP(laravel), used a forked version of recAnalyst as record parser, SQLite as database and Xunsearch to provide search ability. This version was deprecated at the end of 2022.

The current version of aoe2 archive was written in Node.js, used a parser developed by myself in C++, it is much faster and memory-efficient, supports all versions of AoE2 records. MongoDB is used as database. Search function has ElasticSearch under the hood.

AoE2 Archive aims to be a comprehensive database of Age of Empires II records, records on this site are not categorized manually. You may use keywords of the game to search. Player names, civilizations, words in chat messages, versions, team, uploaded filename, etc. Nearly everything about the records are indexed for searching.

All uploaded records are stored with object storage service and backup daily.