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AI Grade AOC10


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阿拉伯 | Large (8 player)
Profile ID: 006d97895cfb15d316b8d1803d798754


Basic Data
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    Intelligent Analysis

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    Technical Data

    Version Code AOC10 Log Version 3 Version String VER 9.4 Save Version 11.76
    Scenario Version 1.22 Population Limit 200 Game Speed Normal Team Mode 4v4
    Victory Type 默认 File Encoding cp936 AI Included Multiplayers
    Game Time 2018/1/2 22:40:13 First Uploaded 2018/1/10 18:42:26
    Some raw data read from record file by parser, mainly used for developing

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    已记录游戏 - 02-一月-2018 22`40`13.mgx
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