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AI Grade AOC10C


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Arabia | Tiny (2 player)
Profile ID: 4e377f39c7b2c71ed01536b9ea9f13e5


Basic Data
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    Technical Data

    Version Code AOC10C Log Version 4 Version String VER 9.4 Save Version 11.76
    Scenario Version 1.22 Population Limit 200 Game Speed Fast Team Mode 1v1
    Victory Type 默认 File Encoding - AI Included Multiplayers
    Game Time 2023/8/24 13:08:54 First Uploaded 2023/9/18 09:21:53
    Some raw data read from record file by parser, mainly used for developing

    Original Filenames

    c-Vs骨灰级玩家- 24-8月-2023 12`40`16.mgx
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